About Us

Tennlandlots.com and related websites were formed to provide internet sites for unimproved acreage and lots throughout Tennessee.


We began our ventures by developing a website (easttennland.com) to sale a 57 acre tract purchased in 2001 located in East Tennessee. The site rapidly evolved into a “for sale by owner” site which listed small and large tracts of land in East Tennessee. The fee structure was based on a listing setup fee and a deferred advertising fee upon the sale of the property. The easttennland.com site has been highly successful, receiving thousands of visitors a month from all over the US and world. As we managed the easttennland.com site we often talked to both buyers and sellers of property and discovered what we believe is the need for an expanded presence into a market of linking sellers with buyers for unimproved vacant properties in Tennessee.


With TENNLANDLOTS.com we are expanding our advertising services to allow real-estate agents and brokers the ability to list acres and lots in which they own or represent sellers. Furthermore, we are providing area developers the opportunity to list and market their respective tracts and lots.


We thank you for visiting our site and ask that you come back on occasion to see beautiful farms, lake properties and rural and suburban land and lots of Tennessee.

Some thoughts on real estate as an investment

In the early eighties I was finishing my last year of college earning a B.S in Business Administration. I had a little extra money and decided that I should start my real education and begin investing. As a finance major it only made sense that I should venture into the capital market of investing. I approached my eccentric finance professor, Fellers about what I should choose with the $250 I had left after paying all my tuition, books and housing. I will never forget what he said to me as he had that smirky smile and reached into his pocket to grab a few coins. “I would invest in the precious metals” he said, and I said, “Do you have a particular stock?” He said, “No I mean buy the coins so you don’t have to worry if the price goes up or down because you can always get the coins out and play with them.” I then convinced him to give me a stock pick. He suggested Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation. I also when to the local J C Bradford broker and asked about making my first investment the broker on duty suggested I enjoy the $250 and throw a party for my friends.


Recognizing the party would be short lived. I purchased 70 shares of the mining stock for $3 per share. I enjoyed owning the stock for over a year then when the company based on the Philippine Islands was nationalized or when bankrupt or whatever happened, anyway it became worthless. It reminded me of what the eccentric professor said if I had only had the coins of gold and silver I could have gotten them out and played with the metals. You would think that I would have learned a lesson but I ventured further into the stock market. Which reminds me of this second piece of advice, he said, “The stock market is an education that either you learn from your decisions while obtaining the education or you don’t and if you don’t you should never play the market again.” I’m not so sure I have learned over the years.


I have made other stock investments. I was holding Food Lion when 60 Minutes reported that the company was tainting their beef and it was Shop at Home when the IT market crashed and Barry Diller walked away from a takeover, a penny stock of IREC who I thought I had some insider information and finally IdleAire, Knoxville based with a great idea which also went bankrupt. The stock market has not been too good to me over the years and now I have seen a 14,000 DOW fall to an 8,000 DOW in a few months so a 401k became a 201k and then a 101k.


On the sunny side of my investments has been real estate. The first real state was purchase at auction in the mid-eighties and I still own the 33 acre farm. It has appreciated greatly over the last 20 years but I mostly remember my professor in college who said you can play with the coins now I like to said, “You can always get out and walk and enjoy your property”. I have purchased a number of properties over the years by myself and with partners and I must say it has been an enjoyable journey.


Whether purchasing the real-estate to build your first home, retirement home or for a investment, just remember whether the market goes up or goes down, whether you have purchased at a bargain or maybe even paid a little too much, you should always enjoy the beauty of the land and when you are having a bad day take a walk on your land and plan your dreams.